Joincasa is the first digital platform owned directly by a Real Estate Agency that allows you to act remotely and that makes you earn with referrals.
Born as an innovative start-up, today Joincasa is an innovative SME that aims to operate anywhere in Italy thanks to the use of digital technologies. Our offices and our real estate portfolio can also be reached remotely, at any time and from anywhere.
We think that collaboration and networking are the key to accelerating the match between real estate Supply and Demand and that is why we have created a new model of collaborative mediation and the new figure of the STARTER, or the one who introduces us to a person who must sell or buy a property and earn money for this, in case of conclusion of the deal. Everything happens transparently and guaranteed by the processes supported by the digital platform. A big step forward for our sector! Anyone can act as STARTER. Just register on the platform and click on "report" to introduce us to a person offering a property.
Also those who have to sell, buy or rent their property can use the platform and act remotely with cost advantages for themselves. .


First of all Register. It's free, it can only give you advantages and it doesn't bind you in any way.
If you have a property you can submit it to our attention without coming in person to our agency. Just click on Sell and follow the platform's guide texts. You will have the opportunity to decide on commissions, duration and exclusivity. You will be able to propose everything freely and without obligation.
If you are looking for a property you can upload the characteristics of your search. We will contact you to investigate and publish the announcement of your search anonymously so that anyone can offer you their property or report one.
You can also present a person who is looking for or sells/rent a property and help us speed up the match between supply and demand. You will be rewarded for this, transparently and securely.
What are you waiting for? Be smart.